The happy bees' happy owners - the beekeeping brothers - salute you!

We are Ignas and Vilius,

but feel free to call us simply brothers. We might look a bit too young to be beekeepers, but we’re already approaching our tenth harvest of Lithuanian honey! After all, we began beekeeping long before we got our driver’s licences. Actually, at first it was a hobby, but after getting to know the bees, their life got so involved that we now have more than 300 bee colonies. It's not just about the honey, the products and the quality of the bees, but also about helping people to overcome their fears, to get to know bees better and maybe even to fall in love with them ...


We and our little bees have a great love for our work, so not only is our Lithuanian honey healthy and delicious, it’s also full of great energy and warmth! With their quality and uniqueness, our bee products (royal jelly [apilac] honey, bee honey, bee bread, honey treats, pollen, bee glue [propolis]) will surpass the expectations of the greatest gourmets and lovers of traditional Lithuanian honey. Our customers are like members of our family, so we take care of them with as much love as bees take care of each other.

We are very happy that our educational activities for children and adults allow us to introduce many people to bees and the wonderful work they do, to overcome their fears and look at bees with admiration. After all, they are incredibly important little creatures both for us and the entire ecosystem.

Our Lithuanian honey is honey produced by happy bees! Not only is it healthy and delicious, but it is produced by fostering beekeeping traditions, which mean a lot to us and are passed down from generation to generation. Because we harvest honey the entire season long, our bee products include the especially nutritious buckwheat honey, delicate linden tree honey, autumn honeydew honey, spring (dandelion) honey and honeycomb honey. We use special-purpose equipment to decant honey into jars, so that the product you get is real, raw Lithuanian honey, with the full range of nutrients. In addition to all this, in the summer we also have fresh honey for sale.

Our unique advantage is not just that all of our products are certified as being of the highest quality, but that we also offer unique honey products – honey tea (honey treats). We are talking about freeze-dried berries and fruit mixed with honey. The nutrient value of this honey is boosted with various natural goods and the vitamins and nutrients they contain. Our honey with berries will surprise the young and the old alike. Now honey can be enjoyed by all! Among other treats, our store also boasts honey gift bundles.

But honey and honey products are not the only things our busy bees can impress you with. Our range of bee products includes royal jelly (apilac), bee glue (propolis), bee bread and pollen – all not just delicious, but nutritious too. Our bee products will help you replenish your body’s store of vitamins, restore your health more quickly and boost your energy levels – the fact that their flavour brings back memories of sunny summer days can only help. And to make sure that you’re feeling warm not just on the inside, we offer beeswax candles that will help create a cosy and uplifting atmosphere and provide a sense of homeyness whatever the hour.


From our life and bee life

Such a small insect , but such meaningful work...


A little trivia about us

  • We are true twin beekeepers.
  • Apart from bees, Ignas likes automotive sports, while Vilius likes to cook.
  • Ignas is the face of our business, but not because he’s more handsome.
  • Vilius is several minutes older
  • When Ignas wants to say something in front of the tv cameras, he steps on Vilius’ foot

Here’s what our bees have prepared for you

Let’s take care of each other like our busy bees do!

And let's not forget to smile...

Did you know that...

In the summer, a worker bee lives for about six weeks

Bees never sleep

During its lifetime a single bee will produce only 1/10 of a teaspoon of honey

Bees communicate by dancing

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