Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  1. Personal data protection.
    1.1. The Buyer can order products through the e-shop by:
    1.1.1. registering at this e-shop – by entering the data requested at registration;
    1.1.2. not registering at this e-store.
    1.2. By ordering products using the methods laid out in item 2.1. of these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer must enter the following personal information, necessary for the appropriate execution of the order: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and email.
    1.3. By consenting to these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees that the Buyer’s personal information, as indicated in item 2.2. of these Terms and Conditions, will be processed for the purposes of selling products and services through the e-shop, the Seller’s business analysis and direct marketing.
    1.4. By agreeing to the Buyer’s personal data being processed for the purpose of selling products and services through the Seller’s e-shop, the Buyer also agrees to informational messages necessary to the fulfilment of their order being sent to the Buyer’s indicated email address and telephone number.
    1.5. By registering at the e-shop and ordering products, the Buyer undertakes to keep his log-in data a secret and not pass this information on to others.
  2. The Buyer’s rights and obligations.
    2.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase products at this e-shop according to the rules set out by these Terms and Conditions as well as the terms and conditions laid out in the e-shop’s other informational sections.
    2.2. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the sale and purchase agreement with the e-shop if the Buyer notifies the Seller in writing (by email, indicating the product they wish to return and its order number) no later than 14 (fourteen) business days from the date of product delivery, except for in cases when the agreement cannot be withdrawn from, as stipulated by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania (e.g., when the agreement is made for the purchase of hygiene products such as bedding; see information presented on the website of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service: https://www.vvtat.lt/en/fields-of-activity/non-food-products/consumer-rights-and-guarantees/733).
    2.3. The Buyer’s right stipulated in point 2.2. of these Terms and Conditions can only be invoked if the product has not been damaged, its appearance has not essentially altered, and it has not been used.
    2.4. The Buyer undertakes to accept the ordered products and pay the agreed-upon amount for them.
    2.5. If the data indicated in the Buyer registration form changes, the Buyer must immediately update their information.
    2.6. The Buyer undertakes to not pass their log-in data on to third parties. If the Buyer loses their log-in data, they shall immediately inform the Seller of this via the contact information indicated in the ‘Contact’ section.
    2.7. By using the e-shop, the Buyer gives their consent to these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase and is bound to comply with them and the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The Seller’s rights and obligations.
    3.1. The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with all the conditions necessary to appropriately use the services provided by the e-shop.
    3.2. If the Buyer attempts to interfere with the functional stability or security of the Seller’s e-shop or violates their obligations, the Seller has the right to immediately and without warning restrict or terminate the Buyer’s access to the e-shop’s services or, in exceptional cases, terminate the Buyer’s registration.
    3.3. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer’s right to privacy to the Buyer’s personal information indicated in the e-shop registration form.
    3.4. The Seller undertakes to deliver the products ordered by the Buyer to the address indicated by the Buyer.
  4. Terms of purchase
    4.1. The Buyer can purchase products on the e-shop at any time of day or night, 7 days a week.
    4.2. The agreement comes into force from the moment the Buyer clicks on the “Confirm order” button, and the Seller confirms that they have received this order by sending a confirmation letter to the email address indicated by the Buyer.
    4.3. Both in the e-shop and the order form, product prices are indicated in euros.
  5. Conditions of purchase
    5.1. The Buyer pays for products in one of the following ways:
    5.1.1. Paying by wire transfer: this is a payment in advance, wherein the Buyer prints their order and, at their nearest bank branch, wires the requisite amount of money to the e-shop’s bank account.
    5.1.2. Paying through the electronic Paysera (mokėjimai.lt) payment system, wherein the Buyer undertakes to pay for the products immediately. It is only when the Buyer’s payment is received that the ordered products are prepared for delivery and the product delivery period is started.
  6. Terms of delivery.
    6.1. The Seller delivers products to all destinations in Lithuania.
    6.2. Upon selecting the product delivery services, the Buyer undertakes to indicate an accurate product delivery address, postal code, contact telephone number and other additional information (stairwell door combination, etc.).
    6.3. The Buyer undertakes to accept the delivered products themselves. If the Buyer cannot accept the delivered products, and the products are delivered to the address indicated, the Buyer does not have the right to make claims against the Seller for the delivery of products to the wrong subject.
    6.4. The Buyer undertakes to accept the delivered products the day after receiving a notification that the order will be delivered. If the Buyer does not accept and/or pick up the delivery, the delivery is repeated. The Seller has the right to place a fee on the Buyer for repeat deliveries, if additional costs are incurred due to the repeat deliveries.
    6.5. The products are delivered by the Seller, the authorised representative of the Seller (a delivery service) or an employee of Lietuvos Paštas, AB. The Buyer has the opportunity to select their preferred delivery method as they place their order at the broliumedus.lt e-shop.
    6.6. The Seller delivers the products to the Buyer in keeping with the delivery deadlines indicated in the Product descriptions. In exceptional cases, product delivery may be delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the Seller’s control. In such cases, the Seller undertakes to immediately notify the Buyer and make arrangements with them for the delivery of their order. In all cases, the Seller is relieved of their obligations for failing to meet product delivery deadlines if the products are not delivered to the Buyer or are delivered late due to the fault of the Buyer or due to the circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.
    6.7. If, during the delivery, the Buyer notices damage to the packaging, they are obliged to record the presence of this damage in the package delivery document presented by the delivery person or write up a separate document detailing the damage. The Buyer shall do this in the presence of the delivery person. If such action is not taken, the Seller is released of their responsibility towards the Buyer with regard to damage to the product as a result of damage to its packaging that was not noted by the Buyer in the delivery person’s delivery documents.
    6.8. When the order has already been shipped, the Buyer cannot, of their own accord, change their delivery address. If the delivery location is changed in personal communication with the delivery person or the delivery service, the Seller shall not be held liable for the achievement of delivery deadlines and has the right to additionally bill the Buyer for additional costs incurred due to the customer’s independent change of address once the order has been shipped. Such costs can be covered by presenting the Buyer with an additional invoice or subtracting the cost from the payment for a product return.
  1. Product quality, guarantees.
    7.1. The product information of every product sold on the broliumedus.lt e-shop are generally indicated in the product description section of each product.
    7.2. The Seller shall not be held liable for discrepancies of colour, form or other parameters of the products in its e-shop that arise from the properties of the screen used by the Buyer.
    7.3. Certain products have a certain shelf life, indicated on the product packaging.
    7.4. In cases, when in accordance with the law, a certain shelf life is set for certain products, the Seller is obliged to sell these products to the Buyer, so that it is actually possible for the Buyer to consume the product before the product’s shelf life is over.
  2. Returns.
    8.1. Product returns are conducted in accordance with the rules for retail set by resolution No 738 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania issued on 22 2014 (Official Gazette, 2014, No. 2014-10565).
    8.2. If the Buyer wishes to return a product(s) in accordance with point 8.1. of these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer can do so within 14 (fourteen) business days of the delivery date, informing the Seller via the email indicated in the contact section, filling in a special product exchange-returns form, and indicating in it the name of the product being returned, the order number and the reasons the product is being returned.
    8.3. The refund will be paid to the Buyer’s indicated bank account no later than 14 days from the day the product was returned, and the refund documents were successfully filled in and submitted.
    8.4. For a return to be valid, the Buyer must meet the following conditions:
    8.4.1. the product being returned must be in its original packaging, which should not be damaged;
    8.4.2. the product must not have been damaged by the Buyer;
    8.4.3. the product must not have been used and must not have lost its marketable appearance (labels not damaged, protective packaging not torn, etc.) (this point does not apply if the product being returned was of poor quality);
    8.4.4. the product being returned must be returned with its original product set;
    8.4.5. proof of purchase must be provided.
    8.5. The Seller reserves the right to not accept a return if the Buyer does not comply with the product returns procedure laid out in article 8.3.
    8.6. When the wrong product and/or a product of poor quality is returned, the Seller shall be obliged to accept such a product(s) and exchange it for the right product/an analogous product of suitable quality.
    8.7. If the Seller does not have any products suitable for replacement, the Buyer shall receive a refund for the product, including the cost of delivery.
  1. Liability of the Buyer and Seller.
    9.1. The Buyer is fully liable for the accuracy of the personal information they provide to the Seller. If the Buyer does not provide accurate personal information on the registration form, the Seller shall not be held liable for the consequences thereof and acquires the right to demand compensation for direct losses from the Buyer.
    9.2. The Buyer is liable for their actions using this e-shop.
    9.3. A registered Buyer is liable for the transmission of their log-in information to third parties. If a third party uses the services provided by the e-shop using the log-in data of the Buyer, the Seller shall consider this person the Buyer.
    9.4. The Seller is released from any liability if losses result from the Buyer not taking into account the Seller’s recommendations and Buyer’s liabilities, and not having acquainted themselves with these Terms and Conditions, even though they were given an opportunity to do so.
    9.5. If there are links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organisations or personal websites on the website of the Seller’s e-shop, the Seller is not held liable for the information or activity therein; the Seller does not oversee these websites, control them or represent those companies or persons.
    9.6. If losses are incurred, the guilty Party compensates the direct losses incurred by the other Party.
  2. Marketing and information.
    10.1. The Seller can, at their own discretion, initiate various promotions on their e-shop.
    10.2. The Seller has the unilateral right to revise the conditions of these promotions or terminate them without separate warning. Any changes or terminations made to promotional conditions or procedures are only applicable from the time point they are instated.
    10.3. The Seller shall send all notifications to the contacts indicated by the Buyer on their registration form.
    10.4. The Buyer sends all messages and questions to the Seller via the telephone numbers and email addresses indicated in the ‘Contact’ section of the Seller’s e-shop.
    10.5. The Seller is not to be held liable for disruptions that arise from the Buyer not receiving sent informational or confirmation messages due to internet connection or email service provider network failures.
  3. Final provisions.
    11.1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase have been drawn up in accordance with laws and legal documents of the Republic of Lithuania.
    11.2. All disputes over compliance with these Terms and Conditions are resolved by way of negotiation. If negotiation fails, disputes are resolved according to procedures set by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.