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Bee products are the most valuable natural gifts produced by bees
Even though most people know about the health benefits of honey, these benefits and even more are also offered by other bee products: bee pollen, royal jelly, bee glue (propolis) and bee bread. All of these are produced by bees for their own use — most of it is ‘preserved’ as food stores. Because bees are very productive and have large families, they need especially large amounts of nutrient-rich food stores for unexpected circumstances. This is exactly why bee products are packed with a great variety of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients, etc.
Perhaps one of the most nutritious of these products is royal jelly.
It has such a rich and special composition that a worker bee’s larva fed with royal jelly develops into a queen bee. This is why, in some countries, royal jelly is considered the elixir of youth and health and is especially valued, treasured and comes with a high price tag. Some enthusiasts even go so far as to set up a hive just so they can harvest this goodness. We are here to make sure that you don't need to go that far — purchase your organic royal jelly from us.
Pollen and bee bread are the bees’ main source of food.
The bees make bread by mixing pollen with honey and ‘preserving’ it, which produces a fermented product that is sweetish in flavour. Both pollen and bee bread are a concentrated source of nutrients with a composition that no scientists can repeat. These products pack almost all the nutrients that the human body needs in their small form. What is more — they're actually delicious.

Learn more about scientific recommendations for consuming bee bread, how it can be beneficial and its composition in our comprehensive blog entry on the topic: Benefits, properties and consumption of bee bread.
Bee glue is also known as propolis.
This is a product with a strong antibacterial effect that bees produce from beeswax, saliva and plants. Bees use it to plug holes in their hive and places where they have to deter pests or other threats from entering their home. Bee glue is powerful protection that bees and nature give as a gift to us.

All bee products are wonderful and special in their own way with powerful nutritional and vitaminising properties encoded within them.

Because they are especially concentrated, consume them in a measured manner and get the best of their flavour palette, which is a little different every time - always interesting and evocative of summer meadows.

Savour, sample, discover and be healthy and happy!