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Honey tea - honey treats - now there’s no reason not to like honey!

Honey treats are flavoured honey (with freeze-dried fruit and berries) and can be used as a honey tea, a dessert, a spread or a cooking ingredient. Even though berry-enhanced honey has been a market presence for several years, to most, honey treats are still a completely novel product and real discovery, adding a healthier touch of sweetness to life. Especially for the little ones.
How is honey tea made?
Honey tea can be made by dissolving a single teaspoon of a honey treat in a cup of warm (not hot!) water and giving it a good stir. This tea has a gentle sweetness and the light and pleasant flavour of berries, fruit and herbs.
Flavoured honey = honey treats. How are they made?
To make sure that flavoured honey remains natural and healthy, we make it solely with organic honey and freeze-dried berries, fruit and herbs. There are no preservatives, dyes, sugars or other additives involved.

You say you don’t like honey? Think again. Now honey is more delicious than ever. We have broadened the range of the beneficial properties of honey to include the vitamins in berries and fruit. Honey flavoured with freeze-dried berries and fruit is a real shot of vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Freeze drying is a process during which products are dried in very low temperatures in order to preserve almost all of their nutrient content except for water. Freeze-dried products not only do not spoil, they also remain as nutritious as ever. That makes our honey treats guiltless desserts.
How to use honey treats?
Honey treats can be used to make honey tea, as a spread on bread, or on toast, biscuits or crisp bread for children. They also pair very well with a fresh curd cheese or yoghurt. Many of our customers simply like to slowly lick a spoonful instead of a sweet or dessert. For those who like spiced teas, we recommend mixing a spoonful of the ginger- and lemon-flavoured honey in milk for a warming flavour.

And if you wish to surprise someone, a honey tea collection can be a great gift. For a refreshing flavour, try honey with peppermint, for warmth — with raspberries, for a vitamin C boost — with quince, for an unexpected flavour — with rowan-tree berries, for cosiness — with sea buckthorn berries, for a tea substitute — with ginger and lemon, for cold prevention — with cranberries, etc. We’re sure you’ll find your own favourite flavour! Honey treats will work for both those who want something sweet and those who need to boost their energy levels.
Natural products — healthy products for a healthy family. After all, good health is one of the greatest treasures.
Honey with berries and fruit is a unique product not just with regard to flavour, but also with respect to quality - something we’re incredibly proud to be constantly working on. We are happy to be able to offer you new, interesting, unexpected and high-quality products.

Once you’ve tasted Brolių Medus honey treats, you’ll keep coming back to them again and again. They’re not just healthy but delicious too. This is especially relevant for children, who are often only too happy to trade their regular sweets in for our honey desserts. We believe that our heartfelt work and dedication can be felt from the first spoonful, and our best wishes accompany you to the very last drop of honey. If you haven’t tried them out before, don’t be shy — you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that honey can taste even better.