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Fruit juice gummies “Bear Bros”: unsafe because too delicious!

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Fruit juice gummies with honey “Bear Bros”– a product born from the childhood memories of beekeepers Ignas and Viliaus Jackevičius. At first, the brothers were sceptical about the idea of honey gums. Of course, when supermarket shelves are bursting with gum of all different flavours, shapes and colours, it is hardly possible to surprise shoppers. In less than half a year, the gummies of the Lithuanian brand Brothers Honey have become a bestseller in Lithuania, have been recognised in Scandinavia, and for two years in a row now, Lithuanian shop owners and even large supermarkets have been competing for their sales.

Fruit juice gummies with honey "Bear Bros" - what makes them special?

Fruit juice gummies “Bear Brosi” – the taste of Lithuanian tropics exploding in your mouth. They are coloured by the sun, scented with ripe fruits and berries (lemons, cherries and passion fruit), and most importantly, the sugar has been replaced by honey from Lithuanian meadows. Tasty but not too sweet.

“Bear Bros” are much healthier gummies compared to the supermarket range. “Brothers’ Honey gummies are vitaminised and rich in beneficial substances for the human body. Fruit juice gummies contain folic acid, phytenoic acid, biotin, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. The composition is very similar to that of the beauty vitamins, but the gummies “Bear Bros” are much more delicious.

"Broliai lokiai" (Bear Bros) were awarded a gold medal in Lithuania and recognised in Scandinavia

The Bear Bros fruit juice and honey gummies became instant favourites among honey lovers when they were launched in 2022. Soon, Bear Bros gummies will be recognised as worthy of gold for their quality and taste in the category of food industry products during the exhibition “Choose Lithuanian goods’ 2022″!

As if that were not enough, the Brothers’ Honey gummies have received recognition and appreciation abroad. At the Nordic Organic Food Fair & Eco Living Scandinavia in Sweden in 2023, Bear Bros honey gummies instantly won the hearts of Scandinavians and were named finalists in the Best New Snack category.

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Bear Bros gummies - why do children like them so much?

Children speak the truth. From the very beginning, the fruit juice and honey gummies “Bear Bros” have been the first choice of children among other sweets. As they say, you can’t fool the little ones. If mums are most concerned about the composition of the gummies, children appreciate them for their melt-in-your-mouth taste, their pleasant texture when chewed and, of course, they are delighted that the bears are held together in pairs, which encourages friendship and the desire to share.

Children are also intrigued by the presentation of the fruit juice and honey gummies: ‘We are “Bear Bros” or, as the children call us, Twin Brothers Ignas and Vilius. It’s much more fun for the two of us! And it’s twice as much fun and tasty to feed two of us! Do we grumble when we are called brothers? It is a great honour for us! And here’s a sweet riddle for you. So which one are you chewing on now: brother Ignas or brother Vilius, do you know?”

Bear Bros gum packs - to suit everyone's needs and pocket

Fruit juice and honey gummies “Bear Bros” are available in three different sizes. To see how tasty it is, it is recommended to buy a 100 g pack of Bear Bros. It is an eco-friendly pouch-shaped packaging with a reusable ‘zipper’ so that the uneaten gummies can be sealed tightly and safely placed in a handbag or travel bag.

Larger quantities of Bear Bros honey gummies – 250g and 500 g – are sold in compact jars! As I. and V. Jackevičius, founders of the Lithuanian brand Brothers’ Honey, joke: “You can always close the jar tightly and swallow the saliva!”.

Gummy bears - where can I buy them?

Of course, you can find Brothers Bears fruit juices and Brothers Bears honey gummies, as well as other Brothers Bears honey products, in the eShop at You will also be able to buy Brothers Bears in all Biržų Duona shops, VIKIS sections of the RIMI shopping centre, Lithuanian airports and other Lithuanian grocery stores.

Attention! "Bear Bros": unsafe because too delicious!

Attention! "Bear Bros": unsafe because too delicious!

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