Royal jelly – a gift from the Brolių Medus hive worth its weight in gold

Have you ever wondered why beekeepers are so sprightly, energetic, always cheerful, healthy and youthful? Their secret is royal jelly (apilac)! Royal jelly is nature’s miracle from the Brolių Medus hive and can replace antibiotics; if used on a preventative basis, protect from many diseases; and most importantly, it can preserve youth and prolong life.

Royal jelly is a secretion from glands on the upper cheeks and throat of worker bees.

Did you know that worker bees feed this magical milk to the queen bee’s larva a lot longer than the other larvae? The result: the queen bee lives for as long as 45 years, while worker bees only live 3040 days. Even scientists don’t have much to add here – isn’t royal jelly a miracle?


Royal jelly (apilac) is a white-coloured gelatinous substance that has a specific aroma and sharply sour flavour.

Organic royal jelly is composed of water (65%) and other substances (35%): 18–22% protein, including 22 amino acids (among them are some that the human body does not produce and must receive through diet); 1.4–4.3% fat, 9–18% carbohydrates, 1.2% minerals, hormones and other biologically active nutrients.

An entire book could be written about the nutritious properties of royal jelly (apilac) — it’s loaded with vitamins and other essential nutrients! Royal jelly contains various B group vitamins as well as vitamins C, A, D, PP, E, pantothenic and folic acid, various microelements (iron, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, gold, chromium, silicon, nickel, silver, zinc, cobalt and others). And the good news is that the human body can absorb as much as 80% of the nutrients in royal jelly.

What are the benefits of royal jelly (apilac)?

There are countless benefits! It improves general health, appetite, metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol, improves heart function, regulates blood pressure, improves vision, memory, reduces fatigue, improves physical and intellectual productivity, prevents ageing, increases sex drive, alleviates symptoms of menopause, stimulates lactation in breastfeeding women. Royal jelly can even help successfully treat depression.

What is royal jelly (apilac) recommended for?

Consumption of royal jelly is recommended after intense surgery, for those who wish to restore their energy levels, who suffer from diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver and gallbladder, from hypotrophy as well as high blood pressure. Great results have been achieved when using royal jelly to treat chronic tonsil infections, primary chronic polyarthritis, kidney disease, bronchial asthma, liver cirrhosis, chronic gastritis, multiple sclerosis, progressing muscular dystrophy.


We recommend consuming 50200 mg (a pea-sized piece) of royal jelly (apilac) a day, for periods of 1530 days. The daily dose for children should not exceed 1050 mg. With a month’s pause, the course can be repeated even several times, especially in the winter and spring. Royal jelly should be consumed in the morning or at lunch before ingesting any food by placing the product under the tongue and waiting for it to dissolve. It is this method that allows for the best absorption of nutrients. During periods of consumption, royal jelly must be kept in the fridge, and during break periods, in the freezer.

Beekeepers consume royal jelly fresh, straight out of the hive, and you can purchase this magical bee product at our Brolių Medus e-shop. Purchase royal jelly (apilac).

P.S. Truth be told, we find it strange that athletes who keep getting entangled in doping scandals haven’t replaced their chemical solutions with organic royal jelly. Perhaps they don’t know any beekeeping brothers?

Brolių Medus – all about the miracles of royal jelly consumption!

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