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Lithuanian honey

Fresh, organic Lithuanian honey from our bee farm.
Our honey, honey products and bee products are unique treats that have already become a favourite with many. This is because we hold our products to the highest standards and do our work with love, determination and patience. Our love for bees, our care for them and our responsible beekeeping give our customers the opportunity to enjoy organic products distinguished by the natural and authentic flavour as well as aroma of the wild meadow. After all, our little bees are the true manufacturers and technologists of our products, so they are very important to us.

Brolių Medus honey is the real thing, with a unique story of its own

It is living honey that has not been thermally or otherwise processed. It’s not just delicious – it’s invaluable. Its flavour palette reveals its nutritional properties, which depend on the bees’ living conditions and the flowering meadows they visit. Let the flavour and aroma of your very first spoonful of honey remind you of the summer and fragrant flowers, buzzing bees and bumble bees and the warmth of the sun. Let it fill you with energy and warmth and allow you to feel as if you are a well-cared for member of a great bee family.

Organic honey is a vast topic that we could talk and write about endlessly. It is a great gift of nature that offers a vast number of valuable properties. Honey products are unique and universal. Their composition is so generous that to copy it would be an impossible task. Only the bees know the actual recipe, which is different every time. Even though most people have heard of honey being used for tempering a cold, in folk medicine the possibilities for the application of honey are endless. Resourceful women use honey as an ingredient in homemade hair, face and body masks, as lip chap, on wounds, etc. They also say that a spoonful of honey a day is the elixir of youth and health. Besides, honey products are a sweet and healthier alternative for those with a sweet tooth. So, we would like to invite you to try out this gift of nature produced by our bees, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We can talk and write about what we love endlessly...

Honey online - straight from our bee farm

At the moment, our e-shop offers four types of honey: linden, buckwheat, honeydew and spring honey as well as honeycomb honey. All of these products can comfortably be purchased online and delivered directly to your home or a pick-up point. Prices mostly depend on the type of honey. They also rise due to rising demand.

Fresh honey — one of the most sought-after products

Our e-shop offers fresh honey in the early spring and summer. Fresh honey is special because it has been freshly harvested and decanted, so it hasn’t had a chance to crystallize and is softer or even liquid. Different types of honey retain their liquid form for different periods of time: springtime honey can set within a week, while honeydew honey can stay liquid for up to half a year.

Linden (lime, summer floral) honey - a popular choice

Linden honey has a delicate flavour and pleasant texture. To Lithuanians, this is a very familiar kind of honey. Easy to lick straight off the spoon, it has no sharp after-taste, so it’s suitable for both children and adults.

Honeydew (forest, autumn floral) honey

Autumn harvests make for a rich caramel honey. This organic honey is made of honeydew that bees harvest from plant sap as well as flowering forest plants. It is highly valued for its rich nutritional content.

Spring honey

If you feel like having some fresh spring honey, look for the lightest colour. True spring honey is harvested from dandelions as well as garden and rapeseed blossoms. It sets very quickly and is almost white in colour. It barely has any after-taste, so it’ll be the best choice for those who aren’t the greatest enthusiasts of honey.

Buckwheat honey - the most nutritious honey

This organic honey is the most nutritious of all the types of honey produced in Lithuania. Even scientists claim that it can help treat anaemia and strengthen the immune system. It is also the darkest honey we offer with a specific flavour of burnt caramel.


Honeycomb honey is a great snack. It stays fresh longer, and as you eat the honey and chew the wax, the digestive system is further stimulated.

Our honey products will bring joy to an ordinary day or a celebration. Brolių Medus – from family to family. 

Brolių Medus — Lithuanian honey products for the young and old