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Three Lithuanian gift ideas

An important occasion is approaching and you’re wondering what gift to give. Statuettes and paintings gather dust, while gifts of money no longer surprise anyone. Want to give something useful, something Lithuanian? We’ve prepared for you three useful, delicious, healthy and Lithuanian gift ideas .


It’s a gift that says, ‘I care about you.’ And what’s better than the gift of sincere attention, warmth and good health? If you wish to surprise your recipient even more, try honey with freeze-dried fruits and berries — it will be appreciated even by those who don’t consider themselves fans of honey. Honey is a great gift for a wedding or christening and a memorable way to honour business partners or clients. And to make things even more personal, we’ll decorate your honey jars with custom-labels embellished with an important date, your initials or even your very own message.

Royal jelly (apilac)

So, you’re saying it’s kind of a strange gift? Not for those involved in intense exercise or doing work that requires lots of energy. Royal jelly (much like bee bread, by the way) is classified as a natural steroid and has a similar effect to the caffeine in energy drinks — consuming royal jelly after noon might make it difficult to sleep. This nigh miraculous liquid has a potent anti-inflammatory effect, improves circulation, metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration. Increasingly more athletes are taking an interest in this natural gift of the bees and consuming royal jelly regularly. So, don’t be afraid to give the gift of royal jelly to those who live especially active lives.

Pollen or bee bread a substitute for tea when visiting

It is still a popular custom for guests to bring along a dessert or some tea to thank the hosts. Unfortunately, increasingly more teas now contain artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives, etc. A great and healthy tea can be made from bee pollen. Pour a teaspoon of pollen over with hot water, sweeten it with a bit of honey and enjoy a rich-tasting drink slightly reminiscent of linden blossom tea. Delicious and healthy!

Need a gift? Give the gift of health and care! Brolių Medus wishes you happy holidays and delicious gifts.