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Ginger and honey cough mixture

And who hasn’t heard of ginger and honey being a great help when suffering from the flu or a cold? Each ingredient on its own is a great natural drug, but paired together they make for a powerful immune-boosting concoction. So, what makes ginger and honey so great at treating a cough?

Why are ginger and honey so effective against a cough?

Both honey and ginger have a potent anti-inflammatory effect that helps soothe a red and sore throat because these two products improve circulation and tissue regeneration as well as nourishing and soothing the surface layers of mucous membrane. Apart from this, ginger helps relax bronchial spasms and reduces dry coughing. Combining these effects, ginger contributes to a more productive wet cough and soothes a dry cough.

Ginger and honey are potent antioxidants that help combat both free radicals and the consequences of short-term respiratory ailments. Not only that, ginger, like honey, has a strong scientifically proven antimicrobial effect capable of destroying several types of bacteria. In order to maximise the effectiveness of ginger and honey when treating a cough or a cold, use raw ginger (raw ginger has more antioxidants), and only add the honey to your tea when you’re ready to drink it.

Ginger and honey recipes

As a cough mixture, ginger and honey can be consumed in several different forms, depending on what you find the most delicious and convenient. Here are a few popular folk recipes:

  1. Dried ginger with honey. Ginger powder mixed with regular honey can not only be a medicine, but a pretty good treat as well. Especially if you like something a little more spicy. Simply put a bit of honey and powdered ginger into a bowl and mix well. A small bite of this dynamite will work well to relieve a sore throat, while adding some warm milk to the mix will get you a home-made spiced latte. Besides, this mixture keeps well for an almost unlimited amount of time in a sealed container.
  2. Grated ginger with honey. Freshly grated ginger root is an irreplaceable helper in the fight against respiratory ailments. Shred the ginger with a fine grater and mix it with honey. Make sure to incorporate the resulting ginger juice and consume the honeyed ginger shavings the minute you first feel the onset of cold symptoms or when suffering from a dry or wet cough.
  3. Ginger tea. Ginger tea is best prepared with fresh finely grated ginger. Pour a teaspoon of ginger over with hot (not boiling) water and mix some honey in just before drinking it.

However great ginger and honey are at alleviating a cough, remember that the most important thing is to stop an illness from progressing in time. And you can always drink some ginger tea just because it’s delicious and warming on a cold evening.


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