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Bee bread and pollen. How should the blend be consumed?

No one will argue with the fact that bee pollen and bee bread are little granules full of magic. They are full of the gifts of nature: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other active ingredients that would take too long to list. However, in order to absorb these nutrients to maximum effect, you need to know a few things. So, we’ll briefly tell you about how to consume bee pollen and bee bread.

Where does bee bread and pollen come from?

Pollen is collected by bees as they forage around fields gathering nectar. Pollen from every flower a bee lands on sticks to its furry little legs, eventually forming a granule of pollen. Beekeepers use special meshes at the entrance of the hive to comb this pollen off the worker bees and collect it in a pollen container. The pollen is then dried at a hive-like temperature in order to prolong its shelf life.

Bee bread is pollen that hasn’t been used and that the bees store in honeycomb cells and cover with honey. So bee bread is bee pollen fermented in honey. The fermentation process not only changes the properties of the pollen, it also makes it easier to absorb as well as giving the bee bread a slightly sour after-taste – like that of real bread.

Best absorbed in liquid form

Both bee breed and pollen are best absorbed when dissolved in a liquid. This is why, as strange as it may sound, the most recommended method of consuming these bee products is in the form of bee bread and pollen tea. If you really don’t feel like making yourself some, we recommend chewing these nutrient bombs as long as possible and letting them dissolve in your mouth – it is here that a lot of the absorption takes place.

How to consume bee pollen and bread

Bee bread can be consumed by both children and adults. The benefits and consumption of bee bread are described in detail in our article Bee bread: benefits, properties and consumption. Pollen is not recommended for very young children because they contain many allergens (similar to the ones that cause hay fever). A single teaspoon of pollen a day is recommended for adults. Little children should be given as many granules of bee bread as they have years to their name. To prevent the body getting used to them, it is best to consume bee bread and pollen interchangeably, switching every three weeks or a month.

Magical tea

If you want viruses to fear you instead of you fearing them, we recommend drinking the following time-tested immune system and body strengthening tea every morning:

  • Pour a teaspoon of bee bread or pollen over with warm water (not hot!) and stir well;
  • Add a teaspoon of honey and slowly, savouring each sip and keeping it a little longer in your mouth, drink the entire cup;
  • It is best to drink this tea in the morning before eating. Especially during the colder months.

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Remember, even though bee bread and pollen have magic powers, they are natural bee products and their effectiveness depends on long-term consumption. So, if you want to give your body a boost before the flu season or a stressful period, begin consuming this drink a month before. Be healthy and smile!